The olives are cultivated using organic methods respecting the natural balance of our ecosystem.


The methods of harvesting and cold extraction milling are carried out respecting the quality of the fruit thus bringing out its characteristic aroma.


The flavour and fragrance of our extra virgin olive oil reflect the unique characteristics of our climate and terroir.


FLOS OLEI 2023 – Guide to the world of extra virgin olive oil

Tenuta Mancini can be found in “FLOS OLEI 2023 – Guide to the world of extra virgin olive oil”, the most important publication in the sector which reviews as many as 500 farms of excellence from 5 continents, for a total of 56 Countries.

Tenuta Mancini

Calabrian organic EVO oil

Produced under the Calabria sun, on the hills between the Tyrrhenian Sea and Mount Mancuso, where the Mancini family has been dedicated to agriculture and the cultivation and harvesting of olives for generations, but above all to the production of what is considered one of the best oils in the world: the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Calabria organic farming.

100% Calabrian organic EVO oil

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Our story

The Origins
New Installation
The first documents from many years ago speak of “Serra” the estate which belongs to the family.
The old mill with stone wheels – next to the Torrente Rivale river and powered by its waters – was moved to “Serra” and was then powered by an internal combustion engine.
When electricity arrived Sinolea was introduced – a system known as cold dripping extraction.
In 2016 the farm carried out the last radical modernisation when a state of the art modern mill was installed.
Since 2019 the oil is certified organic.


La Serra

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made from the Carolea cultivar harvested from the centuries old trees in Serra at 450 metres above sea level.

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