The maximum quality of an Italian extra virgin olive oil is the main objective of Tenuta Mancini.

We guarantee it with a careful control by the family over the whole working process: from the cultivation of the land, in organic agriculture, to the pressing of the olives on the same day of the harvest. Up to the storage of oil in stainless steel tanks and bottling, but above all to the exclusive use of olives from their own funds.

Among the most important characteristics of our oil mill there is, in addition to the careful washing of the olives, the cold working of the pasta without adding water, which in addition to allowing significant water savings and an ecological benefit, maintains the properties of the oil unchanged. This process favors a significant quantity of polyphenols present in the Italian extra virgin olive oil produced by us.

With attention, we work on the absolute authenticity and quality of a product characterized by excellent properties. From low acidity to the high quantity of polyphenols and tocopherols, boasting an excellent taste both cold and on hot dishes.

Our labels have been awarded by Packaging of the World


The olives are cultivated using organic methods respecting the natural balance of our ecosystem.


The methods of harvesting and cold extraction milling are carried out respecting the quality of the fruit thus bringing out its characteristic aroma.


The flavour and fragrance of our extra virgin olive oil reflect the unique characteristics of our climate and terroir.